The Under 40 group celebrates Art Basel with Basel5.

In celebration of Miami Art Basel and the diverse pool of creative talent found within our community, the Under 40 Group has curated a platform to feature our local gems, highlighting their story, area of specialty and some of their most coveted pieces. The online feature will run December 5th through December 9th giving the selected artist each a day dedicated to celebrating their unique works.

“Having the opportunity to showcase our local talent is a blessing,” states Asa Sealy, founder of The Under 40 Group. “Our local artists are so talented and it is my mission to grow Basel 5 to be a respected part of the destination event, Basel and within the local creative community.”

With plans to grow the concept into an art installation and show to a printed publication, Basel 5 will definitely position itself as a supporter of local creatives, their works and their story. The Under 40 Group is proud to have launched this concept in 2018 and look forward to promoting the under 40 community in Miami.