Basel 5: Feature Tarajosu

Johnny Tarajosu is a multimedia creative with mastery over many artistic disciplines. From motion graphics and animation to painting murals and video editing, Tarajosu works to improve each craft daily. Currently, Tarajosu ties his broad skillset together in his work as a Creative Director at a marketing agency based in Boca Raton. As a first-generation American, he is still deeply connected to his parents’ cultures from Jamaica and Guyana. He manages to incorporate his unique experiences of growing up in America while also paying homage to his family’s culture in his work. The most notable life event to happen to Tarajosu was when his mom passed away in 2009 from Lupus. Her death changed the course of his artistic journey, causing him to leave school and use his art as a means to an end.  Nearly a decade later, he still finds himself working through the emotions surrounding this significant loss, and credits his art as helping him through not only financially but also emotionally. Tarajosu was born in Florida in 1989. He lived in California at two different points in his life thus far, in Pennsylvania for college, New Mexico when he was “seeking”, and is now back in his home state of Florida.