What is Miami Under 40?

It is an idea; a thought put into motion. What if we could find every piece to the puzzle in one room? In-person interaction is a dying form of communication, slowly phasing out with the rise of technology. Interaction has become black-and-white messages sent through technological networks like Facebook or LinkedIn with no identifiable emotion conveyed and no real life human connection behind it. These days, everyone is constantly in motion — and networking through bite-sized messaging has become the norm. But with all the impersonal way of communicating, it leads us to the question: can you really communicate and network effectively with other humans through messaging? Can you feel the passion, the energy, the emotion behind a series of cryptic messages? Can you hear the tone of voice or interpret body language?

Miami Under 40 is bringing networking back to real in-person life. It will create a place where young professionals can come to meet, exchange ideas, stories, the do’s the dont’s, and grow their personal network through real life social interaction. It’s not just a room full of lawyers, or sales people, or those crazy guys in the marketing department; but a room full of a diverse crowd from all walks of life and industries coming together for professional and personal growth.

Our goal is to strengthen the young professional community in South Florida and build a sense of togetherness. We are a brand built and shaped by and for the people. Not a fad or a short-term trend, but a movement here to last 10 lifetimes, to grow as you grow.

Welcome to Miami Under 40; the network of South Florida’s young professionals.