5 Ways to Become More Productive in 2019

With Another year comes another opportunity for a fresh start. 2018 is over and during the first few days of 2019, is the perfect time to adjust our goals, change our attitudes and plan for a productive year ahead.

In order to boost your productivity and get more done, here are a few things you can change to make sure to you achieve all of your New Year goals.

Time Blocking

In order to increase your productivity you first need to get organized and discover the importance of time block. You need to be able to break your day down into blocks in order to stay on track and get things done. For instance, if you manage an online store you may want to block your time like this:

  • Find items to sell in your store (2 hours)
  • Answer Customer service email/calls (1 hour)
  • Check to make sure your site is running correctly (20 minutes)
  • Break (30 minutes)
  • Ship Out Orders (3 hours)

It may seem weird at first to break down your day, but it will help you be organized and know all the things you need to get done during the day. The goal is to be so focused on staying within your time blocks that you will avoid most distractions that tend to get you off track.

Turn off Social Media and Block out time for you

Wasting too much time on your on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can be time consuming and negatively impact your life.

Instead of spending all of your time swiping through different post and feeds. Set time limits on how long you can scroll through these apps. Create time where you can be doing things for yourself that you enjoy. It is important to be active in hobbies that you enjoy. This can ensure that you aren’t unsatisfied with your life or get easily burned out from work.

Confidence is key

Instead of dreading tasks and feeling like you are overwhelmed with a huge project you need to complete. Train your brain to be more optimistic about huge task, avoid procrastination and putting things off last minute. First, break the project down and plan on how you will complete it. Celebrate your progress, As you complete each sub-task. Focus on the parts  that you completed instead of setbacks or problems and be confident that you will achieve the end goal.

Get moving

Exercise is important for not only the body, but also for your mental wellbeing. Exercise directly affects the brain. In some studies, Exercising has been shown to reduce stress hormones while also increasing the volume of certain areas in the brain, that will improve neuronal health by enhancing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen.

I’ve personally have gone from exercising in the morning versus at night and I typically find that working out earlier is better for me because it leaves me refreshed and ready to get things done. Going to the gym after a really long day can be a built difficult. However, the important thing is that you stick to being consistent with an exercise routine.

Organize your workspace

Personally, organizing my work environment has always helped me decrease my anxiety and increase my productivity. Whenever I feel overwhelmed usually my workspace reflects the same with clutter and chaos. Having less clutter helps to be organize, and productive while thinking more clearly. Throw out your old paper and knickknacks around your workspace to see if it can force you to be less distracted and instead more focused.

You are in charge of your future and through implementing changes you can improve your productivity. You have to learn how to manage your time in a rational way. Balancing everything going on in your life like work, personal time, health and sleep will seem challenging at first, but it’s essential for success. You can do this! 2019 is going to be the best year yet.