What To Do This Weekend in Miami


Looking for something to do this weekend in Miami? We’ve got you covered. For those who don’t know this…the weekend begins Wednesday! Hump Day!

Wednesday: Captain Cocktail Planet

How about a party where you get to hang out a tiki bar, listen to great music and sip on gin as a way to help reduce pollution? That’s a major upgrade from the Captain Planet days with magic rings and cheesy lines. But how does drinking help save the planet? With environmentally responsible ingredients. “One bartender’s trash is… your drink’s ingredients, apparently.

What You Need to Know:
Aug 2-45pm-close, no cover, The Anderson, 709 NE 79th St, 305-757-3368

Thursday: Shop (16 times), Everybody!

30% sounds amazing doesn’t it? Yeah, you bet it does. Check out The Gift Shop at the Standard. They’ve got this amazing thing where they’re doing 30% off from 3-4 pm. Better than just a Thursday, it happens Tuesdays through Thursdays. Can’t make it because of…um…what’s the word…oh yeah, work? Well, from 4-5 pm, it’s 20% off. But it get’s even better! From 5-7pm, it’s 15% off! It just keeps getting better and better!

What You Need to Know:
Tues-Thurs through Aug 31Shop the Clock at The Standard Spa, 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, 305-673-1717

Friday: By Your Powers Combined!…

Pardon the Captain Planet theme. Remember a place called “Lost & Found Saloon”? It’s now tucked away inside Churchill’s Pub. Now you get the Captain Planet theme? Yeah…Anyway, Lost & Found Saloon is now inside Churchill’s with a limited menu and the menu includes black bean burgers, truffled sweet potato fries, and chicken sandwiches.

What You Need to Know:
Now open, Lost & Found Saloon at Churchill’s Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave, 305-757-1807

Saturday: Yeah Beaches!

No day like a Saturday to go the beach. The best place to get good food and good beer on the beach is Quarterdeck. But even better Quarterdeck in Fort Lauderdale is hosting a beer bash and you get to pick which beer they’ll keep on permanent tap. Pick from 10 competing brews, listen to live music, and enjoy the whole party vibe, all while holding up your civic duty and voting! Make beer great again!

What You Need to Know:
Aug 54-8pm, $15 (at door), Quarterdeck, 1541 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale, 954-524-6163

Sunday: Set Fire To the Rain, Watch It Pour as I…

Once you’re done worshipping God, find your way to SushiSamba and get brunch. But before you head over, check the forecast online because every time it rains, you score half off Samba cocktails, plus wine and beer. So, with the way things are looking this summer season, you’re good!

What You Need to Know:
Through Aug 31SushiSamba, 600 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, 305-673-5337

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