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Time to Square Up!

Time to Square Up!

Familiar with the mobile payment company Square? You know, the one that let’s you send invoices and receive payments from clients/customers or Square Cash which let’s you send money person-to-person? They’ve introduced a new addition to their already successful company making money matters easier for you.

Earlier this summer, Square launched their debit card program which gives you both a virtual debit card (which has been around for some time), and physical debit card decked out with your own personal signature. Having one makes you stand out when it’s time pay for things.

Miami Under 40 team member Devon Dassaw got his just 2 months ago and card works like a gem. No longer do you have to wait to transfer funds out of your Square account into your bank account. Spend it right away. Sounds nifty right? It comes with a chip for added security. And the best part about the card? You’ll get it in about 7 days.

So, give it a test drive. Download the Cash app from Square and request your debit card today!