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This Miamian is Merging the gap between Education and Technology

This Miamian is Merging the gap between Education and Technology

Technology continues to make significant advancements to better human life, but our education system is struggling to keep up. With the rapid growth of the tech world, Carlos Vazquez believes that our traditional education system is having a hard time keeping up. Carlos Vazquez is the owner of Miami EdTech, an organization geared towards “redefining education” by partnering with teachers, parents, administrators and those who are affluent in establishing the structure of how students learn. During this partnership, Miami EdTech strives to create solutions for real problems in merging the gap between the technology field and the education system.


As a kid growing up in the South Bronx projects, Carlos relied heavily on the school system to educate himself about different careers and opportunities available to help him develop as a young professional. School is supposed to equip students with information and training to prepare them for jobs but the current education system is training students for jobs that will be eliminated or taken by artificial intelligence by the time they walk down the aisle.  


Miami EdTech offers three main programs: the Miami Edtech Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (SIEL) Incubator program, the Accelerator, and the Miami EdTech EdXpert certification Program. The SIEL Incubator is a program structured to have teachers and educators to recognize the current problems they want to solve in the school system. The Accelerator center on existing companies who have ideas and products that can help in solving education challenges. The EdXpert program is structured on showing instructors how to use technology in order to reach your set goals.



Carlos said that we need to find better ways to leverage technology in education “ Often times the first things students hear when they enter a classroom is a teacher asking them to put their phones down instead, technology needs to be integrated in the school classroom. Robots and other technological advancements will make it more difficult for our students to find jobs and we need to train them to flourish in that tech-enabled economy. We can only do that by mirroring closely the expectations of employers with the curriculum and learning outcomes in the classroom. Our teachers need the support to best prepare our most valuable asset – our students, for the skills needed for the 21st century.

With Carlos on the quest to creating solutions, Miami EdTech continues to work on being one step closer in closing the digital divide in classrooms.  


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