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The Only Perfect Body is a Healthy One

The Only Perfect Body is a Healthy One

Story by: The fashion poet  | Instagram: @thefashionpoet


The only perfect body is a healthy one. It took me long time to come to terms with this. I grew up being criticized for my body at an early age. I was always told I was too thick or told I needed to lose weight. Back then, thinner was better. I spent hours at the gym. I use to starve myself and tie my success to my weight. After all, I heard people saying I’d be prettier if I lost weight. The truth is our weight doesn’t define us.

Our treatment of others does and it doesn’t matter what people think of us. What matters is how we think of ourselves. I haven’t stepped on a scale in years. I still workout daily and I enjoy it. It’s my time to be strong, flexible, stress free and happy. Working out helps me in so many ways but mostly to stay positive and do my best in all facets of my life.  No matter where you are in life right now, accept your body and imperfections and if you want to change something you can, but be proud of who you are at this moment. That is the first step to living healthy. xxTFP


Swimsuit: c/o Yandy Photo:Danielle Margherite