Safer Alternatives For Trick-or-Treating


Ok, so we just shared a post with you that didn’t exactly flatter the time-honored tradition of dressing up and walking the streets looking for candy. So, now you’re probably wondering what you can do that’s much more safe that the traditional Halloween. Well, don’t you worry. MU40 has you covered.

  1. Churches who participate with “Trunk-n-Treats”

    For some reason, people have associated Halloween today with devil-worship or something, which is the complete opposite of what Churches are about. Well, Churches, include the Hallandale Beach Church of Christ have an annual trunk-n-treat where vehicles are decorated and members dress up in various costumes and let the community members have it. Join them on Halloween at 7:30 for a bit of Bible Study followed by Trunk-n-Treat.

  2. Malls/Shopping Centers

    Malls like Aventura offer a great experience for Halloween. Just see what mall near you is having an event and check them out. From Gulf Stream to Dadeland to Sawgrass, you’d never boo-lieve what kind of fun you would have!

  3. The Zoo/The Museum

    The zoos in South Florida may offer a great halloween experience. It’s safer, enclosed and you don’t have to worry about tainted candies. The museum is already scary, so you get two for the price of one.

  4. Fire/Police Departments

    Here’s a fun fact: police departments and fire departments may participate in the affair. Stop on by and get some candy. They may even do other events as well. Give them a call and see what’s going down.

  5. Throw Your Own Party

    All the X-rated costumes you can come up with, right in your own home. Oh wait! This ones for kids…um, get your fellow parent-friends together with the kids and throw your own party for Halloween. Decorate, get candy, bake sweets and play scary music and movies.

    If you are without kids and want an adult party, hide-n-seek in the dark is always the way to go. Just remove hazardous objects and block off hazardous terrain like the stairs. Oh, and have 9-1-1 on speed dial…you know…in case Jason, Freddy, or Michael stop by. And don’t forget to RUUUUUUUN!

  6. If You Have Kids, Use the Holiday As Leverage

    Ok, so I’m going to get a little mean with this one, but if planning Halloween or holiday-related events is difficult for you, then why not leverage the holiday. If the kids have been misbehaving, or getting bad grades, cancel the whole holiday. It saves you money, gray hairs, and time. [MIND BLOWN!]

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