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Meet Shawn Byerly of Privatise Banking

Meet Shawn Byerly of Privatise Banking

Story by: Christine Masseus | Instagram @christinemasseus


Meet Privatised Banking Founder and CEO, Shawn Byerly


Possessing a plethora of knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, insurance, banking, real estate, and investment, Shawn Byerly has a unique approach to financial planning.


Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Shawn attended the University of Oklahoma where he majored in international business and minored in finance. After earning his degree, Shawn worked at a brokerage with his father, advising business owners around succession, exit and transition planning. It was in this position that he decided that he wanted to change his approach on how he worked with clients, thus leading him to move to Miami and open his company, Privatised Banking.


Privatised Banking is a financial education company that helps business owners and real estate investors through financial consulting, coaching and education. Focusing on a model outside of Wall Street, Privatised Banking bases advice solely on financial principles that are rooted in certainty and guarantees, instead of focusing on selling financial products that have risk. The foundation is to apply economic principles in your personal finances.

The “Circle of Wealth” approach, is a 10 step process, which helps clients identify where they are losing money (either unknowingly or unnecessarily) and focuses on inefficiencies in their cash flow or financing model. The client learns how they can bring that money back to the table, helping them run more efficient and effective businesses and organizations. The focus is on utilization of money not strictly accumulation.


For those who own their own businesses or invest in real estate and want to learn how to successfully manage their money and want to learn a banking mindset, Shawn recommends:


  1. Focusing on the Power of Liquidity: Having access to capital can allow business owners to take advantage of opportunities and avoid the investing/lending trap that often leaves business owners without options.
  2. Regulate Your Spending: Make sure to balance your current lifestyle desires against your future lifestyle requirements. It’s critical to save at least 20% of your income for your future needs.
  3. Invest In Yourself: You are your best asset, therefore in order to maximize your income you need to build out a network by adding value to people’s lives and continue to educate yourself and gaining knowledge through books and podcasts.


As an avid reader, Shawn has read over 200 books, which he credits to being a vital key to his current level of success.


When he’s not working with clients, Shawn enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family, international travel, golf, and relaxing on the beach with a good book. He attends Vous Church regularly.


Three books that Shawn recommends that everyone read are:


  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. Becoming Your Own Banker
  3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Shawn’s ultimate goal is to ensure that people understand how money works. There is more opportunity in growing wealth by avoiding losses and controlling your cash flow rather than focusing on potentially high rates of return. He believes that’s a fínancial paradigm change for most people.


To learn more about Shawn Byerly, check him out online at: