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Meet Fitness Guru, Anthony Mendez

Meet Fitness Guru, Anthony Mendez

Anthony is a Trainer and Social Media Fitness Influencer.


Throughout Anthony’s life, sports like basketball and football have always been fun and exciting, but during his high school career, a football injury caused him to stop playing. Anthony who once had his eyes set on playing professionally had to redirect his life.


Wanting to move towards the training side of fitness, Anthony worked for various gyms like Bally’s and LA Fitness, he soon moved to New York and enrolled in Equinox Academy. At Equinox Academy, Anthony learned the importance of health and fitness and credits them for educating him on the proper training and techniques he still uses today.


After studying at Equinox Academy, he traveled back to Miami and began working at Equinox Gym, in Coral Gables, growing through the ranks while learning new styles of training until he decided to venture out and start a business training clients of his own. Anthony loves training his clients on methods such as body weight training, animal flow, kettlebell training, ViPR and more. His unconventional style of training was soon catching much attention on social media. As a personal trainer for 9+ years, social media was now giving him the opportunity to further explore and share this training style.


He is currently an Athlete with PUMA and ONNIT, hosting various fitness events around South Florida. Anthony has also done many health and fitness articles, and Instagram collabs with influencers and companies like Puma.


Anthony is set on improving the lives of his clients by showing them how to live a healthier life. He is now taking his platform to the next level, as a Social Media Fitness Influencer. Anthony is working on creating a Youtube show, Vlogging, sharing more on his Instagram, posting health tips, health advice and posting workout videos in hopes that it will inspire and motivate others to take the jump and move towards a fit lifestyle.


Anthony welcomed his daughter with Jenny Ho this March, and as a new dad, he understands how life can get in the way of accomplishing your fitness goals. “Although life can sometimes get in the way, it’s important to center your mindset, and focus on training for the long term in order to reach your goals.”


Anthony is an advocate for self-development and helps his clients use exercise, behavioral change, creating new habits, accountability, and creating a stress-free environment, as tools to better them throughout the day and ultimately their lives.


Anthony has his eyes set on continuing to motivate and inspire others every chance he gets