It finally happened. After about 2 months of drooling over the thought of Gyu-Kaku, the Miami Under 40 team finally put their grilling skills to good use.

And it’s that, we’ve honestly had our eye on this spot for a couple months. Something about the idea of going for Korean BBQ is very exciting, even more so when you’ve never done it before.

“Done it?” What do you mean? You’ve never been to a restaurant before? Well yes, silly!

But, a Korean BBQ is a totally different experience than the usual: order, eat & go.

Let me explain…

When eating at a Korean BBQ, the dining experience is not limited to just eating. Grills are one with the table, and you get to cook! A couple minutes after ordering, the server with start presenting multiple plates of different cuts of raw meat and side dishes (called Banchan), which he’ll move on to explaining exactly how and how long to ideally cook for; Everyone moves on to grilling and eating their meals as they go. Gyu-Kaku has an awesome selection of convenient, affordable and very well put together pre-fixed menus but that doesn’t mean you can order a la carte or add on, if you wish.

When Miami Under 40 arrived to Gyu-Kaku the expectations we’re high, and so where the levels of Hungry. Which we’re everywhere from “I’ve had no breakfast” to “I just came from the gym”. All catered to.

After initially turning down the Happy Hour Menu…for 5 minutes. We realized that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and that we’d be foolish to not perfectly accompany our meal with some sake and maybe one of their (OMG) Lychee Martinis… just to cleanse my palate. 😉

Quickly after the drinks, the “Premium Party Course” (plus a couple extras) started making it’s triumphant appearance and HOLY ****holes it was good! This is when the real fun started… Miso Soup, Salad and edamame, just for appetizers. Followed by 4 different types of meat, raw veggies for grilling, to die for garlic fried rice, corn off the cob, shrimp, and salmon for the pescatarian queen at the table.

If all this wasn’t enough, lunch was finished off with campfire style make-your-own S’mores, dripping in melted marshmallows; that might have been the cause of the 30 min desk-nap we had to take before going back to work. Gyu-Kaku was SO good and fun! Food was great, service was on point, and we left feeling oh so happy. A perfect lunch experience.

Thank you Gyu-Kaku! We will definitely be back! And to everyone else looking for a spot for lunch or dinner, check them out! Let them know we sent you 🙂

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