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CRATE: Vegan-Made, Carnivore-Approved

Jackfruit Asada Tacos

CRATE: Vegan-Made, Carnivore-Approved

No longer does the word “vegan” need to induce images of baby rabbits nibbling on tasteless greens. There’s a new eatery in town, and their plant-based food is astonishingly hearty and satisfying – meet Crate! Nestled in the heart of Brickell on 1st Ave. and 9th St., this kitchen, bar, and lounge offers a progressive menu paired with an alluring ambiance.

Although everything they serve is vegetarian, and can be made vegan on request, their menu is deceptively vague. Lacking prior knowledge, you may order the wings, which are simply described as “buffalo ‘wings’ with a side of ranch.” When it is brought out by the pleasant and attentive staff, you may have no idea that the mouth-watering, aromatic, golden-brown dish in front of you is actually a plate of vegetables. To be specific, cauliflower. But none of this will matter after one bite of this scrumptious appetizer.

Not only is their cooking praiseworthy, Crate has also brought to life a picturesque setting that is both intimate and modern. There is ample indoor and outdoor seating, and the eclectic yet charming decor perfectly complements their diverse menu. A magnificent LED screen adds a sophisticated edge with its enticing close-up footage of their food and furniture. Yes, they even make furniture look. The atmosphere will make you feel empowered for eating healthy food, trendy just to be seen there, and delighted that you’re actually enjoying said healthy food.

Crate stands out from the rest of Miami’s new health-conscious restaurants because of its appeal to a wide range of tastes. They serve exotic delicacies such as fried avocado, smoked tofu steaks, and jackfruit asada (think tropical pulled pork), as well as more traditional dishes – cheeseburgers, pastrami reubens on rye, and bacon cheese fries. It’s up to you to visit Crate and find out for yourself what unassuming, delicious ingredients actually make up those “meats.”

Not in the mood for a meal? Crate also has an extensive selection of cold-pressed juices, tonics, and smoothies, with tempting names such as “Clarity” and “Beaming.” Trying to be healthy, but definitely not skipping dessert? Their insta-worthy cakes are made fresh daily. So, whether you’re the type of person who eats like a baby rabbit or the type that devours hefty burgers, Crate has revolutionized the health-conscious food scene in Miami. Stop by Crate in Brickell for your next meal and let them know your friends from Miami Under 40 sent you. Order, sit back and enjoy the Crate experience.

Disclaimer: This post was written by an avid meat-lover.

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