Casablanca – A Review



Asa P. Sealy – The “Picky” one

Estefania Santana – The “Can I try yours?”

Mark Perry – The “Cocktail menu enthusiast”

Mariam Lamazi – The “I’m not that hungry”

Nothing short of “YES!”, was our reaction as we were escorted to our table, at the outdoor by-the-bay dining area at Casablanca’s. This is what Sunday Brunch dreams are made of…just on a Thursday :).

This time around, more than just a lunch break, the Casablanca experience was more like a  “welcome to the weekend” daytime team outing. We sat down, got comfortable, and relaxed for a minute as we waited to be officially greeted by our server. The location and ambiance definitely made it easy to relax as we waited for drinks, we couldn’t wait for our food.

First up was their famous Mojito, which was highly recommended by our server, and immediately rated as “The best Mojito of my life” by Mark Perry, our cocktail menu enthusiast. This comment backfired on him as he was made to share his new found love with the rest of the table. Mr. Mark’s success inspired the rest of the team to order from their cocktail menu … and on to the “Barracuda” (spicy margarita), Wine and more Mojitos we went, let’s get this weekend started!

About 20 minutes after ordering, appetizers started to make a most anticipated appearance. We very much could say that the Shrimp tostones “tower” was another highlight not only in flavor but also in presentation. Included in those were  their Shrimp ”escargots”, grilled octopus and Lobster croquetas. Great start to our meal!

When it came down to ordering entrees, our server strongly recommended we try some of their “Fish specialties”. Well, “We ARE in a seafood spot!” – I thought, and proceeded to follow orders. Knowing that my “Can I try yours?” self would also get to try everything else. (LOL)

I went with the Salmon, that we’ll from now on refer to as “Amazing glaze”.

Asa P (for picky) decided to go with the Seabass and mashed potatoes, side of yuca;

“I’m not that hungry” Mariam with the Tuna Tartare appetizer and Perry sure didn’t hesitate to say “Rib eye” as soon as he was given the chance to talk.

A very unusual single minute of silence happened as we started tasting our food. Then, since there’s no “I” in “team”, we proceeded to try each others.

Casablanca did a pretty good job with the food, to which was added their sincere attentive service, that made it an overall satisfying experience.

If I had some people friends or family in town that wanted to get out of the usual South Beach/ Wynwood tourist experience, I would consider Casablanca for some more Seafood and cocktails by the water. Thank you Casablanca for a memorable dining experience. We will be sure to check you out again, and for those wanting a “fresh” seafood experience, be sure to mention Miami Under 40 sent you. You never know what you might get 🙂

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