The 8 Worst Things People Do At The Gym


Fitness is a never-ending journey. Whether you’re at the couch potato stage or the Epic 5 stage (5 triathlons on 5 Hawaiian islands in 5 days), Miami Under 40 is here for you! We can’t physically do the exercising for you, sorry, but we’ve put together some gym etiquette tips of things to avoid. If you’re a newbie, these will help you make sure nobody knows that you have no idea what you’re doing. If you’re a veteran, read over these to make sure you’ve been a respectful patron and that no one at the gym secretly hates you.

Trying to talk to people that have headphones in. This is a horrendous invasion of somebody’s alone time!! Being forced to take out your earphones to socialize… not a fun thing.

Hovering over people while waiting for a machine. Your peripherals are here for you, so play it cool and don’t stare or linger. Especially if they’re bigger than you.

“Forgetting” to wipe down your machine. People love to touch machines dripping with the germy sweat of others. Not. Either bring a towel or make good use of the gym wipes.

Being too naked in the locker rooms. Even if you’re comfortable in your birthday suit, the gym is not the time or place. Check out E11EVEN.

Taking excessive selfies. Even if you think nobody’s looking, they are, and they will hate you for dawdling.

Picking the closest machine to someone when there are other open ones. When you go to an empty movie, you don’t pick the seats closest to where the other people are. Personal space!

Sneakily checking out your neighbor’s treadmill screen. You’re not being as sneaky as you think. There’s even that extremely awkward possibility of both neighbors looking at the same time and making eye contact.

Showing too much skin. Girls, spandex shorts can really ride up. Guys, be careful while doing deadlifts and squats. Most gyms have mirrors everywhere!

Working out is already a struggle, so don’t make it any harder for other people!

And if you need a quick laugh, check out these gym fails.

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