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5 things to Know About Medical Marijuana

5 things to Know About Medical Marijuana

Story by: The fashion poet  | Instagram: @thefashionpoet


Early this year, I flew to take a tour of Surterra Wellness’ grow facility to learn about plant-based healing and what this brand is all about. As a wellness blogger who grew up learning about how to use plants in my everyday life to take care of my skin, nourish my body and mentally heal myself, I was curious to see how marijuana can help others and this is what I learned that made me get on board with the brand. 


1. Who is it good for? Medical marijuana is helping babies as young as 18 months who have seizures to the everyday person that has anxiety and pain as well as the elderly who are under treatment. It is for all ages, but it does require meeting with a licensed doctor for an exam to make sure it is the right option for your needs.


2. How do you go about getting a license to use it?  Surterra Wellness can help you schedule an appointment with a doctor. I met with Dr. Wong who made me feel at ease and comfortable. She asked me several questions about my lifestyle, why I wanted to try medical marijuana, took my blood pressure, listened to my heart beat and filled out paperwork that gets submitted for review by the State of Florida. The state determines if you meet the criteria to qualify which makes the process safe and the doctor recommends the dosage. I was recommended the lightest dosage.


3. Once you have a license, how does it work to get the medical marijuana? You visit a dispensary. I really love Surterras’ Kendall location because it feels like your at a really pretty store and the energy is very zen. All the employees are extremely helpful. Even if you don’t have a license, you can visit to learn more about the brand and what they offer.


4. Is it safe to use and how do I know how much I can use? It is extremely safe to use. The brand is organic and uses natural pesticides. The dosage is approved by a doctor who meets you face to face. If the dosage doesn’t work, the doctor and you revisit and your dosage is changed. Also, the State of Florida approves you so you can feel safe and secure that your health is a priority.


5. Why is Surterra the best brand for me? Surterra is the best brand for me because before I signed on to be a brand ambassador, I went first hand to see how the plants are grown and taken care of. I met with an amazing doctor who made me feel at ease and answered all my questions. I visited the dispensary which feels and looks zen inside. I also like how knowledgable the staff is and that I could visit them before to learn.


I am excited to show you my journey with Surterra. I just got my license. If you are interested in learning more. Check out Surterra HEREPlus, use this link to get  $75 off of their first order of $150 or more. HERE