5 Things Not To Do During a Hurricane


Here are some common things people think are okay to do during an hurricane or right after that are never a good idea. Some are never a good idea EVER! Check out these 5.

  1. Never run your generator indoors

    The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning are extreme. The toxic gas is almost undetectable without the right tools and can kill you silently in minutes.

  2. Never grill on charcoal or burning items indoors

    The carbon monoxide that may come from tools used and the fire risks are not worth it. Once the storm passes, it will be safe to go outside and grill.

  3. Don’t walk in floodwaters

    The floodwaters that follow major storms often are murky and unclear hiding such dangers are downed but still live power lines, snakes, alligators, other predators, dangers debris including jagged metals, and more.

  4. Don’t tape your windows

    This almost never works. The best thing to do is board up your windows. In the cases where you can’t, opt move you and your family and pets into the central most room of your home. A closet works as it sits within a another space in many homes protecting your from debris that may enter the home.

  5. Don’t stay during an evacuation

    This point cannot be stressed enough. Learn from Andrew, Katrina, Wilma, Rita, and Harvey. These storms are uncontrollable forces of nature and no matter how well your home may have been built, you cannot determine the outcome if you are told to evacuate. Evacuate if you are told. Remaining during an evacuation not only increases your risk of death during the storm but also reduces your chances of survival after the storm has past as flooding, fires, debris and devastation may make it difficult for rescue workers to get you.

Source: The National Hurricane Center website and https://www.mnn.com/family/protection-safety/blogs/5-things-not-to-do-during-a-hurricane

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